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Search Engine Ranking - your web site 'tuned'. We look at just how 'search engine friendly' your web site is, then we fix it. 

- only 16% of web sites submitted for search engine registration actually make it into the databases. Of those that do, only 5% appear in the top page of returned searches in their category.

We 'tune' your site and ensure that you are one of the sites that rank well with the leading search engines. 

Remember that most web designers do not care how your site performs in the search results, and most would not have the knowledge to improve your rankings even if they did.

Boost your 'search-find' probability -

- each engine has its own algorithm for calculating how your site is ranked in their index.

To achieve good rankings your pages should be constructed in a way that 'feeds' the search engines important information about your site, in just the right places and with just the right frequency. In this way you can 'manipulate' the engines into ranking your site high, against searches performed on your 'keywords'. 

We analyze your sites search positions with the leading engines then tune-up your pages to improve them. We revise the HTML for your pages, to the full extent necessary without changing the visual appearance of your site

Our 'search engine friendly' service includes:

  1. Analyzing your existing positions with the top 18 engines against your targeted keyword phrases. Excellent 'reference' point for our upcoming promotion campaign.
  2. Research of the 'high-traffic' keywords and phrases that best apply to your business.
  3. Insertion and optimization of META Tags, - several engines feed off information in your META Tags.
  4. Optimize Keyword use, frequency and placement in your META Tags and body text. You need just the right quantity in just the right places.
  5. Re-naming of your images and hyperlinks to boost your rankings further
  6. Tuning your page HTML code for search-performance.
  7. Optimization of your 'Title' Tag.
  8. Optimization of your 'Description' Tag - give an 'alluring' description of your site in 14 words. 
  • We then submit your site to the leading search engines, that between them command over 95% of all search engine traffic.

  • We continue to tune your pages and resubmit them as necessary for an extra charge..

Remember - we do all the important work for you, and leave you free to do what you do best.

Our experience comes from undertaking complete 'positioning' contracts, where we apply our resources to financial web sites, and boost their positions with the leading engines. 

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